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First timers


Welcome to Inspired : Pilates | Yoga | Barre! We know you’re going to love it as much as we do.
Don’t worry if you’re a beginner—our teachers offer plenty of modifications so you can
work at a level that’s right for you. Just follow along and rest whenever you need to!
Our classes are small, so we can offer plenty of guidance while you’re finding your feet. Feel free to introduce yourself to the teacher and let them know if you have any injuries they should be aware of before the class starts.
We don’t take bookings or enquiries at the studio, so don’t forget to book your class
online before you arrive or get in touch via email if you have a question.

Our COVID Safe plan

Please do not attend the studio if you’re unwell or experiencing any cold or flu-like
symptoms. We do provide hand sanitiser at the studio entrance. Our teachers will explain how we sanitise the equipment after each class and anything else you need to know.

Where we are
Our studio is located at 11 The Strand, Penshurst, NSW 2222. It’s across the road from
the train station with plenty of free street parking nearby.

What to wear
The most important thing is that you’re comfortable! Many of our members wear
activewear—especially in barre belle when we work up a sweat. There is a bathroom and
change room at the studio.

What to bring
A yoga mat for all yoga, barre belle and mat Pilates classes (including HIIT, strength, fusion and stretch).
A clean towel to cover your reformer. Towels can also be useful in other classes, as a pillow or blanket in
yoga, or padding for your knees in barre belle.
Clean socks to wear in your reformer class—preferably grip socks or ballet slippers are also an option for your barre belle class. We sell these grip socks and ballet slippers in the studio.

When to arrive
While we have relaxed our COVID safety plan rules, you may still prefer to wait outside before your class to help with social distancing. You’re also welcome to wait inside the studio prior to your class, but there is no need to arrive more than a few minutes before your class is due to start, we’ll take some time to get to know you when we get started.
You can still use the bathroom and change room before and after class.
We don’t have a reception area at the studio—classes take place right behind the front

Booking Policy, Waitlists, Cancellations

You’re welcome to attend multiple classes each day/week though not exceeding more than 1x Reformer class per day.

Bookings for classes open 7 days in advance and you can use our waitlist system for any preferred classes that may be full. When you get a spot off the waitlist, you’ll be notified via SMS & email anytime up until an hour before class start time.

You may cancel your bookings at anytime via your profile online or on the app and we ask that you do cancel any classes that you are no longer able to attend to allow other members an opportunity to join.

The Little Extras

Sometimes it’s the little extras that make your class special. Like the right ballet slippers and water bottle, or the right Pilates mat and activewear. We have a range of products in our studio that you can pick up after class. 

All our products are from small businesses that are environmentally conscious.

Book a class
Get started with our new member offer, so you can try a mix of classes, times and teachers to see what works best for you. You can also download our Inspired Pilates & Yoga app to book your classes on the go.