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Yoga has been practiced for centuries as way to strengthen the mind and body, focusing your attention on your breath and bringing your awareness to the present moment. It not only stretches and strengthens the body but can also contribute to overall wellbeing.

Our yoga classes are rooted in hatha yoga style, involving deep-breathing exercises and flowing vinyasa movements, followed by a resting period called savasana. This combination gives you the perfect balance of stretching, strengthening and relaxation.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have years of experience, our yoga teachers will offer a range of modifications and movements so you can challenge yourself at a level and pace that’s right for you.

Yoga is a great way to get more out of your Pilates and barre classes, and our schedule often allows you to do back-to-back sessions. Class are also kept small, so we can maintain social distancing and offer personalised attention to everyone in the class.

While your teacher will always have a plan, they’ll see how everyone is feeling on the day and set the tone of the class from there. Some days it may be more dynamic and energetic, other times it may be more relaxed and meditative.

What to bring

You’ll need to bring a yoga mat and wear clean socks—preferably with grip for safety. We sell grip socks and canvas ballet slippers online and in the studio. You may also like to bring a towel. First class? Visit our first timers page for everything you need to know.