the ultimate workout

Pilates uses a series of controlled, weight-bearing movements that work muscles throughout the entire body. As a result, you’ll build lean muscle and burn plenty of calories, while improving your flexibility too.

Reformer Pilates

Step onto the Reformer Pilates machine—a versatile apparatus that adds a touch of magic to your workout routine. With its ingenious design and spring-loaded resistance, the Reformer invites you to explore a world of movement possibilities, from gentle stretches to dynamic strength-building exercises. This sleek and sophisticated machine not only challenges your muscles but also supports your body throughout the workout, promoting balance and stability. Join our Reformer Pilates classes and experience the transformative power of this iconic piece of Pilates equipment as you sculpt, tone, and strengthen your body from head to toe.

Mat Pilates

Unlike the Reformer, Mat Pilates strips away the equipment, placing the focus squarely on you and your body. It’s a practice rooted in simplicity yet rich in depth, offering a dynamic blend of controlled movements that challenge your core, improve your posture, and enhance your overall well-being.

Our Mat Pilates classes are your sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life—a space where you can leave your worries at the door and reconnect with yourself. Whether you’re seeking a quick 40-minute session to kickstart your day or looking to extend your experience by pairing it with another class, we’ve got you covered.

Join us on the mat and discover the joy of movement, the power of breath, and the magic of Pilates. It’s more than just a workout—it’s a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

The spin-offs

In addition to reformer and mat Pilates, we also offer a few spin-offs to keep things interesting. Why not give one of these a try?

HIIT Pilates: a high-intensity session that will make you work up a sweat
Strength and conditioning: a focus on traditional Pilates technique
Stretch: still a workout, but with more focus on dynamic stretches
Pilates fusion: a unique combo of Pilates, dance, resistance training and cardio

Private sessions

If you prefer our undivided attention, why not book a few 1-on-1 sessions? Using the reformer, you’ll enjoy a Pilates class that’s designed just for you. Private sessions focus on technique and are great for building strength or recovering from injury.

What to bring

me time membership – Two weeks for $49