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The Ultimate Workout

Pilates uses a series of controlled, weight-bearing movements that work muscles
throughout the entire body. As a result, you’ll build lean muscle and burn plenty of
calories, while improving your flexibility too.
At Inspired Pilates & Yoga, we use a contemporary approach to Pilates based on the
latest scientific research. Our Pilates classes are suitable for all levels of experience, so
there’s no need for an intro or beginners’ session. Just book your class and away you go!

Joseph Pilates once said: ‘In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.’ We wholeheartedly agree, and suggest you do 2-3 classes a week to really start seeing results.

Reformer Pilates

The Pilates reformer is a machine that uses weighted springs to add resistance to each movement. Exercises are designed to take your body through a wide range of motion, helping you strengthen and tone muscles, as well as increase stability in your joints.
Our reformer classes are 40 minutes in length, so you can squeeze a workout into a busy day or link with one of our other classes if you’d like to spend more time working out or relaxing at the studio.

Mat Pilates

Mat work is the foundation of Pilates and a great way to develop your strength, stability,flexibility, tone and posture. You’ll master the fundamentals like a  neutral spine, properly engaged core and pelvic stability, which you can then apply to other Pilates classes.
Our mat classes are 40minutes in length, starting with some breathing and abdominal connection exercises, before moving into a steady flow of movements that use your own body weight as resistance.

The spin-offs

In addition to reformer and mat Pilates, we also offer a few spin-offs to keep things interesting. Why not give one of these a try?

HIIT Pilates: a high-intensity session that will make you work up a sweat
Strength and conditioning: a focus on traditional Pilates technique

Stretch: still a workout, but with more focus on dynamic stretches
Pilates fusion: a unique combo of Pilates, dance, resistance training and cardio

Private sessions

If you prefer our undivided attention, why not book a few 1-on-1 sessions? Using the reformer, you’ll enjoy a Pilates class that’s designed just for you. Private sessions focus on technique and are great for building strength or recovering from injury.

Book 1-on-1 sessions here

What to bring
You’ll need to bring a yoga mat and towel, as well as clean socks—preferably with grip for safety. We sell grip socks and canvas ballet slippers online and in the studio. First class?
Visit our first timers page for everything you need to know.