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Barre Belle


When it comes to pure strength and endurance, professional ballet dancers are up there with some of the fittest athletes in the world. That’s because ballet gives you the perfect balance of flexibility, mobility, strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Our barre belle classes are lightly choreographed to music, with simple combinations that everyone can try. Forget piano music—our playlists include Janet Jackson, George Michael, Katy Perry, Vanilla Ice, INXS and more.

With 11 different routines for our teachers to choose from, you’ll get the right balance of variety and repetition, so you can improve your technique with each class. You don’t need any dance experience to join a class—just follow along and have fun!

Over time, you’ll start to notice your body becoming more fit and toned, thanks to the combination of barre work and jumping, with some lunges and squats thrown in for good measure. We also incorporate some pilates and weights, to make it a full-body workout.

Barre belle is both fun and addictive, and we can promise you that no one takes it too seriously. Whether you want to improve your fitness, have a bit of a dance or just try something new, barre is a fun workout your body will love.

What to bring

You’ll need to bring a yoga mat and sweat towel, as well as clean socks. We sell grip socks and canvas ballet slippers online and in the studio. First class? Visit our first timers page for everything you need to know.